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March 2007 Issue

E-mail overload costs organizations over $5,000 per user per year

E-mail has grown to be one of the most important communication and collaboration tools for business. As a result of its utility, according to IDC, e-mail volume has doubled over the past 5 years to over 40 billion person to person e-mails daily. Moreover, the volume is expected to continue to grow over 18% in each of the next five years.

For the average e-mail user over 30% of their day is now spent on creating, organizing, reading and responding to e-mail, a significant amount of time that could potentially be streamlined.

E-mail Productivity Losses

• Spam comprises 20% of total e-mail volume. Typical users waste about 10 minutes on reading / deleting the e-mails each day, costing organizations $1,250 per user in lost productivity each year

• Reply to All - when users craft e-mails or create meeting invites it is all to easy to copy too many recipients or worse, entire work groups or all employees. For a typical 1,000 person organization, this practice could average 5,700 e-mails per day - at a cost of 3 minutes spent reading and addressing each message, a cost of 285 person hours per day and over 35 full time equivalents (FTEs) per year- an overall 3.5% productivity loss, and a potential loss of $1,800 per year per employee in wasted labor costs

• Lack of Clarity and Tact - When e-mails are poorly written, the reader has to spend more time deciphering the meaning or sending follow-up e-mails to question or clarify. This can result in $2,100 to $4,100 per e-mail user per year in lost productivity

The Bottom-Line

Improving e-mail etiquette is a hidden area for significant potential cost savings and productivity improvement. With proper implementation, best practices can generate an average 10% reduction in e-mail volume, improve e-mail quality and save 10-20% in e-mail handling time. The result will be 7 to 10.5% in overall employee productivity improvement which equates to recapturing some $4,100 to $6,000 in wasted productivity per employee per year.

Fort Docs provides a great service to match your companies needs: PaperVision/ImageSilo Message Manager

Your organization can monitor, capture, and archive e-mails using Message Manager. Regulatory requirements and disaster recovery processes are extremely important for all businesses to adhere to in order to operate efficiently and avoid costly mistakes.

The failure to locate e-mails can have serious consequences. Within the first few months of 2006, five firms were fined $8.25 million for failing to preserve e-mail communications. Without e-mail classification and management, companies are vulnerable to lawsuits and fines. Please don’t let this happen to you.

And the stakes have increased! On December 1st, 2006 new Federal Discovery rules went into effect that require disclosure of e-mails if relevant to a case being tried in Federal Court. This means that your organization could be liable for substantial fines if your e-mails are not archived.




Fort Docs helps businesses stay compliant

PaperVision® / ImageSilo® Message Manager allows organizations of any size to obtain and keep control of e-mail messages by utilizing their PaperVision® Enterprise document and content management (ECM) system. Message Manager gives companies the power to capture, store and retrieve all e-mail messages in a single, searchable information management system. With Message Manager, companies can comply with government and industry regulations by capturing new and pre-existing messages, organizing all messages for immediate retrieval, and providing non-repudiation.

• Capture and preserve messages as they enter or exit the e-mail system, enabling full compliance with Sarbanes Oxley and other government regulations
• Allow virtually any e-mail system to forward messages to a mailbox on an e-mail server monitored by Message Manager for management in PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo (online repository)
• Preserve messages and provide non-repudiation – verify the integrity of messages by comparing them with originally captured versions
• Capture pre-existing messages from Outlook and Exchange mailboxes
• Implement e-mail management without a complex integration with Exchange through the use of journaling
• Put all the power of PaperVision Enterprise/ImageSilo to work on your e-mail

Call Jacqui today at 707-571-8313 for a free consultation appointment and we'll bring "The Hamster Revolution: How to Manage Your E-mail Before It Manages You" by Mike Song, Vicki Halsey, Tim Burress, to you absolutely free. This highly acclaimed book focuses on ways you can help your company use e-mail more efficiently and is written in an easy-to-read and understand format.

Fort Docs is focused on becoming your partner for all of your document management needs. We have all of the services you need: hard copy storage, imaging, electronic storage and retrieval, media vault and shredding. And we have the expertise to help you streamline processes and integrate functions.

Give us a call and tell us where you need help, and we will respond.

The Fort Docs Team

“The Gold Standard in Document Management”



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