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Question: How Do I Get Started Imaging My Files?

There are three basic strategies that can be employed to make the move from paper to digital.

  • A “Day Forward” approach where you leave historical paper in its original form and begin to scan only new documents.  Fort Docs can help you with either an outsourced solution (where we do the work) or an in-house solution where we install scanners and software at your location and give you the training necessary to run a quality focused, efficient operation.

  • A “backfile conversion” where we use our high speed scanners and expertise in document preparation and indexing (lookup fields) to convert significant amounts of historical paper to digital.  Once this is complete then you make the choices outlined in option 1 above as to how you digitize new documents

  • A Scan-on-Demand approach combined with a day forward approach.  This is often the most economical approach.  In this scenario historical documents are placed in storage and we pull and scan them if they are needed.  And then as above we help you get the day forward solution in place for ongoing needs.  The key to this solution is that, depending on your industry, most documents that go to storage are in fact never accessed again.  So why pay to have them imaged?

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