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Question: Should I use an online ASP service or do my own thing in-house?

Our experience is that there are two factors that play into this choice:

  1. A philosophical choice regarding keeping all services/data in-house or outsourcing.  Over the past two years we have seen a major shift to outsourcing document retrieval as IT departments realize that a dedicated service reduces infrastructure costs, saves time and provides for greater redundancy and regulatory compliance.

  2. An economic decision that compares the cost of purchasing, installing and maintaining software and infrastructure to the monthly cost of an all-inclusive service.  The clincher is often that our ASP can be implemented with zero capital costs allowing you to get started with just a monthly cost that can be absorbed in your budget.

And what do you get with ImageSilo, our ASP.  Here are a few highlights:

  1. A massive, ultra secure repository based in Denver, Colorado with a second replication facility 300 miles away

  2. Unlimited access to your documents by an unlimited number of users

  3. 4 different internet providers to assure your connectivity

  4. Thousands of satisfied users including hospitals, financial institutions, State Courts and many others.

For a PDF on ImageSilo, please click here:   ImageSilo PDF

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